Glory CEO Zhao Ming: When have we ever benchmarked others

Honor's autumn new product launch conference was held. After the release of the new product, Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., was interviewed by the media. In response to the positioning of the Honor X series, Zhao Ming said: "The Honor X series has always been benchmarked against us by others. When have we benchmarked against others? We have always been crazy and cool. When we were making Internet mobile phones, we came out as It is the best in this category, no matter what generation it is. Any product that meets our X series in this category can only be second, so it is impossible to talk about who the Honor X series will be benchmarked against.”

Zhao Ming said that in the first half of this year, the X series was the best-selling Android phone in this segment or the entire first half of the year, and the new X40 will definitely continue to improve. "The product managers and corresponding teams of each generation of the X-Series, they have become accustomed to leading and surpassing all opponents, and I hope they will continue to maintain this kind of kingship."

When talking about MagicOS 7.0, which will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year, Zhao Ming revealed that when the Honor Magic generation was released in December 2016, the Honor team was thinking about creating a product that can accompany consumers to grow and understand consumers more and more. , The more you use, the smoother the consumer-centric system. "After the independence of Honor, we gradually perfected this idea. Frankly speaking, the general architecture has been completed at the beginning of this year. The architecture system of MagicUI 6.0 was released in early January this year, which actually laid the foreshadowing and foundation for today's MagicOS 7.0."

Zhao Ming pointed out that Honor also integrates the software team for this purpose, and there are several thousand people involved in the construction of the entire MagicOS system. Therefore, it will be officially released to the world this year, and Honor will launch MagicOS 7.0 in Q4. "In addition to using artificial intelligence to accompany consumers to grow, the more you use it, the more you understand you, and the more you use it, the smoother it is, we also need to break the screen boundary, system boundary, and ecological boundary ." "In Q4 this year, when Honor released MagicOS 7.0 At that time, it must have the advantages of an open operating system or both, as well as the excellent experience of the flow of closed services between different devices created by iOS.”

Zhao Ming also talked about the remarks made by Honor executives that "someone wants to pierce the sky upwards, and Honor needs to take root downwards", saying that Honor has always insisted on making breakthroughs and innovations in the underlying technology, and building the core technical control points and competitiveness. To this end, Honor has made innovations at several levels. First, it cooperates with industry partners, such as SoC partners. 

In the future, Honor will deeply participate in the planning of SoC, share product demands with partners, and will reflect many demands of Honor in future development. The second is to solve inefficiencies through partners in the industry. Honor will also develop Honor’s own chips, operating systems, and many patented and innovative technologies, build its own core root technology and develop on this basis for a long time. The third is to create a leading edge in the security that consumers can experience, the security that can be truly experienced, the position based on core capabilities, and the ability of AI machine learning, in addition to building the core capabilities and technologies of the underlying hardware.

In addition, Zhao Ming said that when Europe released the Honor European strategy and global strategy this time, the company had a highly unified idea and mainly focused on the Magic series and the Honor Digital series in Europe. Glory must use innovation and experience to win the market competition in Europe. Glory must be unswerving in the construction of global high-end brands. Even in this process, there may be various aspects, but in the breakthrough of high-end products and the use of innovation to lead with friends and businessmen Glory is unwavering in the competition. "This path, we choose to go on, is also in line with our company's values. Of course, we will also balance the speed of overseas growth and the quality of growth."

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