GPD warms up the new WIN 4 handheld

A few days ago, GPD announced the WIN 4 handheld, which will be tested in October. Now, the official has introduced the performance of this handheld. According to the official introduction, this is the world's smallest 6800U handheld, slide design, Win11 system, support Steam OS; equipped with 6-inch eye protection screen, 1080P resolution, 368PPI, cover the 5th generation Corning Gorilla Glass, support 60Hz and 40Hz Two-speed refresh rate.

In terms of performance, the R 7 6800U processor has a TDP of 28W, and 35W is still under pressure; the Radeon 680M core display is compared to the independent display, and the floating-point performance is close to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060.

The two ends of the new handheld fuselage draw on the arc design of the PSP, and the force is more dispersed when holding it. The recognition is moved to the left, and an optical finger mouse used on the early Pocket 2 is added to the right, which supports pressing "Enter" to avoid repeatedly adjusting the "handle/mouse" switch; 6-axis gyroscope support is added, somatosensory games The same can be played ; the joystick returns to the traditional dislocation layout, the joystick cap is split into a skirt and a cap, and the cap can clamp the skirt, so it is not easy to fall off; the keyboard returns to the traditional dome button, while retaining the backlight, brightness Adjustable and can be turned off; dual Type C ports, which can also be charged while connected to the monitor; the shoulder button adds a colorful light effect, and the light effect can be switched between multiple modes.

In addition, the new handheld adds a 4G LTE module with a back clip, as well as a back clip SSD module, which supports M.2 2230 and 2242 specifications.

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