Guoxuan Hi-Tech: At present, the orders are full, and the production capacity of the new production line is climbing

Today, in response to the company's shipments of power batteries and energy storage batteries, Guoxuan Hi-Tech stated on the investor interactive platform that the company is currently full of orders, and with the gradual release of new production capacity, monthly shipments The volume of goods increased steadily.

When talking about the company's second lithium carbonate production line, Guoxuan Hi-Tech revealed that Guoxuan Kefeng's new production line has been put into operation in early September, and the production capacity is currently climbing. The company will speed up the project and strive to achieve full production as soon as possible. Feng's lithium carbonate production line will also be put into operation early next year to meet the company's business and market development needs next year.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech also stated that the company actively pays attention to the trend of new energy vehicles, and continues to develop high-quality customers at home and abroad, including TATA, a car company in the United States, and other customers. The company will continue to promote the globalization strategy, focus on complete vehicles, continuously optimize the customer structure on the basis of existing customers, continue to improve product strength, conquer the B-segment vehicle market, and continuously increase the market share in the mid-to-high-end market.

In addition, Guoxuan Hi-Tech pointed out that in addition to new energy vehicle customers, the company's products are also supplied to energy storage, PACK, and international customers. The company's battery shipments are affected by various factors such as the time period and statistical caliber from the delivery of the order to the realization of the installed capacity. There is a difference between the installed capacity and the public installed capacity of the market. At present, the company has sufficient orders in hand, the shipment volume has grown rapidly and steadily, and the production and operation are orderly.

In terms of gross profit margin, Guoxuan Hi-Tech said that the continuous rise in raw material prices in the first half of the year will have a certain impact on the company's gross profit margin. The company will focus on improving the gross profit margin from the following aspects: negotiate and negotiate product prices with downstream customers, and establish a price linkage mechanism with strategic customers; the company will further improve the layout of the entire industry chain, increase the proportion of self-supply, and reduce the cost of raw material procurement; actively develop high-quality customers, to promote the sound development of the company; strengthen the company's internal management and process improvement to achieve cost optimization.

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