Haiyun announced that users of 1300W and above power supply will receive a free 16Pin adapter cable

According to Haiyun official news, players who use Haiyun 1300W and above models can apply for a 12VHPWR module line (2x8-pin to 16Pin) for free. NVIDIA's upcoming RTX 4090 graphics card will use a new 16pin 12VHPWR power supply interface, with a power supply capacity of up to 600W.

Previously, Haiyun Prime TX-1600 extreme flagship titanium power supply has been listed, 1600W power supports the new 16pin graphics card power supply interface, priced at 3299 yuan. 

According to the official introduction, Haiyun Prime TX-1600 Extreme Flagship Titanium has been revised and optimized many times during the research and development process, refreshing a number of performance records set by Prime Flagship Titanium, and its performance has reached new heights. In terms of interface, Haiyun Prime TX-1600 comes standard with a 2x12VHPWR PCIe5.0 interface, which supports connection to a new generation of graphics cards.

In addition, officials said that although only less than 1% of high-end players use high-standard HEDT motherboards and  SATA3.3 interface enterprise-class hard drives, the Prime flagship series comes standard with SATA 3.3 power supply interface, and also comes standard with 3 sets of CPU 8Pin (4 +4Pin) pin interface.

In terms of performance, it is officially stated that the standard module line of the Haiyun Prime flagship series adopts  16AWG wire diameter and high-specification alloy terminals. In response to high-power transmission occasions, the soft embossed wire reduces the difficulty of wire management and improves the overall appearance. Efficient circuit scheme, new digital temperature control technology, and 135mm FDB silent bearing fan achieve a perfect balance between heat dissipation and quietness, and support low and medium load fans to stop, even if running kilowatts is still silent.

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