Hisense U8H Mini LED TV is equipped with the BOE's ADS Pro high-end LCD display technology

Hisense released the new U8H MiniLED TV yesterday. In this regard, BOE said that Hisense U8H is equipped with BOE's unique ADS Pro high-end LCD display technology solution. BOE stated that the U8H U8H series TVs released by Hisense this time are equipped with BOE ADS Pro display technology solutions, which have technical advantages such as wide viewing angle, high color gamut, low reflectivity, high contrast ratio, and high refresh rate.

The Hisense U8H series can achieve DCI-P3 99% color gamut, with a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 100,000:1 and a 178° ultra-wide viewing angle. At the same time, BOE low-reflection technology is used to reduce the light reflectivity of the screen from 5% to 1.28%.

According to reports, relying on the BOE ADS Pro solution, the TV can achieve a high refresh rate of 240Hz through the HSR over-divided frequency technology, and better present high-speed moving pictures such as sports events and e-sports games.

BOE said that the ADS Pro high-end LCD display technology solution has been fully applied to high-end flagship TVs of first-line terminal brands at home and abroad. In addition, BOE has also launched a series of technical products such as 8K UHD TVs with a maximum refresh rate of 288Hz and 4K TVs with a maximum refresh rate of 576Hz in the fields of 8K UHD TVs and ultra-high refresh rate gaming TVs.

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