Hot search on Apple iPhone 14 Pro is complained that the back cover is not resistant to scratches

Apple’s iPhone 14 / Pro series has been a frequent visitor to Weibo’s hot searches since its release this month. Today, " iPhone 14 Pro complained that the back cover is not resistant to scratches " on the sixth most popular search on Weibo.

According to media reports, a number of digital bloggers said that the back of this year's iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max seems to be particularly prone to scratches. In the directly-operated stores in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, some display machines that have only been on the shelves for a day have many traces on the back that cannot be wiped off and are visible to the naked eye.

It is not clear whether it is a common problem with the iPhone 14 Pro series, and some people say that the display machine is deliberately scratched. You still need to keep your eyes open and wait for a large number of subsequent users to actually use it before judging this situation. Don't draw conclusions yet.

However, Apple's iPhone 14 Pro series did encounter some software problems after its launch, such as freezing after transferring data from an old iPhone, camera OIS stabilization caused by third-party apps, etc. These are all after the new phone was released. Software incompatibilities can be resolved in subsequent software updates.

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