Intel shows the internal structure of Ruixuan A770 limited edition

Intel will launch the Ruixuan A770 limited edition graphics card soon, and now the internal design of this graphics card has been released. According to reports, the Intel Ruixuan A770 is equipped with an ACM-G10 GPU and 16GB of GDDR6 memory. In terms of heat dissipation, this graphics card uses a dual-fan design, a copper VC vapor chamber covers the GPU and video memory, and is equipped with four 10mm heat pipes.

In terms of design, the fan, outline, back and Logo of this graphics card all support RGB lighting effects. In terms of PCB, this graphics card is powered by 6 VRM, connected through PCIe4.0*16, equipped with 8+6pin power supply interface, and the output interface includes DP 2.0 and HDMI 2.1.

Intel has now announced the parameter information of the upcoming Ruixuan A770 and A750: 

  • Intel's flagship graphics card Ruixuan A770 Limited Edition uses 32 Xe cores , and the marked GPU frequency is 2100MHz, but through voltage curve modification and power limit adjustment, it can reach a stable frequency of 2.7 GHz. In other respects, this graphics card is equipped with 16GB 17.5Gbps 256bit GDDR6 memory, TDP is 225W
  • The second flagship graphics card Ruixuan A750 Limited Edition uses 28 Xe cores , the marked GPU frequency is 2050MHz, it is equipped with 8GB 16Gbps 256bit GDDR6 memory, and the TDP is 225W

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