Lenovo released the morningstar quadruped robot Q1

Lenovo Morningstar quadruped robot Q1 debuted at the 2022 World Manufacturing Conference for the first time. According to Lenovo, the Morningstar Quadruped Robot Q1 is a quadruped robot specially designed for intelligent inspection in complex environments, meeting the changing environment in complex application scenarios. In the power industry, it is mainly suitable for indoor and outdoor intelligent inspection of substations. Compared with traditional wheeled robots, it has higher flexibility and convenience and can replace manual inspection operations to a greater extent. At present, the Q1's all-terrain adaptability makes its inspection points more than 30% higher than that of traditional wheeled robots.

Lenovo said that it will promote the development of the manufacturing industry in a higher-quality green direction. At the same time, it pledged to reduce the company's operational direct and indirect carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, reduce the carbon intensity of some value chains by 25%, and achieve net zero emissions by the end of 2050.

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