LG has cancelled the development of square batteries

LG Energy Solutions recently canceled the development of prismatic batteries. Earlier this year, LG Energy Solutions began reviewing whether the product was feasible, but recently concluded that it was not commercially viable, the report said. It is reported that the square battery is an alternative version of the cylindrical battery by placing the material in a metal can. Samsung SDI, CATL, and BYD all make this type of battery, as do Northvolt Toshiba, Morrow Batteries, Verkor, Britishvolt, and the Automotive Cell Company.

LG Energy Solutions currently focuses on the production of pouch batteries. The company also manufactures cylindrical batteries, but most of its batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems are pouch batteries. The company developed prismatic cells to increase the diversity of its product portfolio, while also absorbing the advantages of the technology.

The company's final conclusion was that there was no advantage in sourcing components and equipment to make prismatic batteries more convenient than other types, the sources said. LG Energy Solutions is currently focused on expanding its capacity, so expanding capacity for a certain battery type is more important than technology.

Pouch cells use pouched films instead of metal cans for battery material, which makes it easier for manufacturers to increase the energy density of the battery, but they also need to remove gases that form inside during production.

LG Energy Solutions is focusing on making its manufacturing process more advanced, using new methods for stacking battery materials, such as advanced Z-stacking, which prevents separator damage by adding more lamination rolls to the production process fall off.

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