Microsoft fixes Surface Go / Go 2 notebook "No Bootable Device" error

Earlier this year, Microsoft released a firmware update that caused problems with Surface Go and Surface Go 2, resulting in "No Bootable Device". Soon after, Microsoft rushed another version to prevent the problem from spreading. But it took Microsoft a long time to provide a fix for affected devices. Now Surface Go and Surface Go 2 users can finally restore their affected devices.

Microsoft has released a brand new firmware update for Surface Go 1st Gen and others that fixes issues with the tiny tablet. 

"Update for Surface Go devices running Windows 10 May 2020 Update version 20H1 or later. Resolves "No bootable device" boot error."

It's worth noting that the "No Bootable Device" error only occurs on entry-level configuration devices using eMMC storage. If the user's device continues to function normally, users of the more expensive versions of the Surface Go and Go 2 with SSD storage will not need to install the emergency fix.

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