MSI released RTX 40 graphics cards

MSI released RTX 40 series graphics cards, including SUPRIM, SUPRIM LIQUID, GAMING TRIO, and VENTUS four series. In addition to the air-cooled version of the SUPRIM series, MSI's generation of graphics cards will also launch a version called SUPRIM LIQUID. Available only in the GeForce RTX 4090 edition, the series features a liquid cooling system that keeps temperatures lower, enabling new levels of performance.

The new generation of SUPRIM uses MSI's most advanced air cooling system, the TRI FROZR 3S, for cooling, the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 16G use a VC vapor chamber for heat conduction, and the RTX 4080 12G-based model will have a huge nickel-plated copper base plate for heat conduction. Officially, the size of the SUPRIM model is as impressive as its performance, with the RTX 4090-based model taking up 3.75 slots, while the RTX 4080 model is up to 3.75 and 3.5 slots, respectively.

SUPRIM, SUPRIM LIQUID, GAMING TRIO, and VENTUS will spearhead MSI's GeForce RTX 40 series lineup, with more series planned in the near future.





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