OPPO: The Android 13 application adaptation rate of ColorOS has exceeded 96%

The OPPO Open Platform issued a document today saying that the adaptation of OPPO Android 13 is progressing smoothly, and the application adaptation rate has exceeded 96%.

OPPO said that as of August 15, the application adaptation rate of ColorOS’s monthly active users ranking TOP 1W has reached 96.5%. Except for financial and wealth management applications, the adaptation rate of other applications exceeds 90%, which basically covers the user utilization rate. Higher popular apps.

In addition, OPPO has newly upgraded the cloud real machine service to make image transmission more stable and the overall operation smoother, and opened the popular model OPPO Find X5 Pro to developers for free for testing.

The OPPO Open Platform stated that in order to ensure the high-quality experience of the majority of users, developers who have not yet adapted are also requested to complete the adaptation work as soon as possible.

OPPO released ColorOS 13 based on Android 13 in China on August 30. The first batch covers Find X5 Pro, Find X5, OnePlus 10 Pro, and Find N. It will be opened after the conference. The public beta, and the follow-up adaptation plan have also been announced.

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