SAIC joins forces with Two Barrels of Oil and Ningde Times to set up a battery leasing company

 According to SAIC Group, recently, Shanghai Jieneng Smart Electric New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., jointly invested by SAIC Group, Sinopec, PetroChina, Ningde Times, and Shanghai International Automobile City, was officially established and registered. The capital is 4 billion RMB.

Jieneng Smart Electric will focus on the power battery leasing business, carry out research and development and promotion of battery swapping technology, battery operation management, big data services, etc., build a complete ecology of vehicle-electricity separation, and create a standardized platform.

In terms of network, Jieneng Smart Electric will rely on Sinopec and PetroChina's network of more than 50,000 gas stations across the country to upgrade and build a comprehensive energy service station with "replaceable and rechargeable". In terms of models, SAIC's Feifan, Roewe, MG, Chase, and other brands will soon launch battery-swapped models, covering all categories such as SUVs, sedans, MPVs, and commercial vehicles. Feifan R7 will become the first landing model in battery swap mode.

Officials said that for consumers, Jieneng Smart Electric will bring a new experience of energy replenishment in all directions: renting instead of buying, reducing the initial cost of purchasing a car; rechargeable and replaceable, and energy replenishment methods are diverse and more convenient; vehicles Preserving value, avoiding the reduction of vehicle valuation caused by battery decay; using the upgraded user experience to effectively boost the sales growth of new energy vehicles.

The official also stated that, at the same time, Jieneng Smart Electric promoted the transformation of gas stations into comprehensive energy service stations by creating a new business form of energy supplementation, and creating a new growth point for the energy service side. On the power network side, it can balance the grid load, build a virtual power plant, and effectively improve the overall efficiency. For the battery manufacturing side, increasing the industrial scale, it can also promote the cascade utilization of batteries, bringing huge environmental benefits.

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