Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablet turned into Google Android Automotive car

Samsung Galaxy upgrade recycling program helps to reuse old equipment and extend its life. Samsung recently showed how people can turn old Galaxy smartphones into baby monitors. However, converting the old Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablet into a car head unit that supports Android Auto and full-fledged Android Automotive, it's now also a reality.

 Esper senior technical editor Mishaal Rehman showed off the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablet running the normal version of Android Automotive OS. It's Google's full-fledged operating system for car infotainment units. In addition to running Android Automotive, the modified tablet also supports Android Auto, which means it can also be synced with a smartphone.

Although it looks good from the pictures, there are still many bugs that need to be fixed. For early adopters, location access is unstable and Google Maps is prone to crash. The configuration file is set incorrectly and the weather widget is not showing any data. There's also a message on the screen that says "Pre-production hardware not for sale."

 Mishaal seems to be serious about this project, as he intends to bring Android Automotive to more devices, allowing people to repurpose their old tablets and give them new life. Asked by one Twitter user if Mishaal would consider offering a Generic System Image (GSI) which is basically a version of Android that runs on a variety of devices, usually for beta testing, he replied: "Hopefully."

Another device Mishaal is looking for is Spotify CarThing, which allows users to control Spotify music playback. Mishaal plans to breathe new life into it by modifying it to run Android Automotive.

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