Samsung SDI Michigan factory battery production line is running at full capacity

Samsung SDI, a battery manufacturer under Samsung, is preparing to build another battery production line at its Michigan factory due to the saturation of existing production lines. Samsung SDI's battery factory in Michigan, about an hour's drive from Detroit, was acquired in 2015. They invested $62.7 million in 2018 and transformed it into a battery assembly factory.

Samsung SDI's battery factory in Michigan does not start producing batteries from raw materials, but assembles the cells they produce from its Goed factory in Hungary, and then supplies it to customers with car factories in the United States.

According to foreign media reports, the customers of Samsung SDI's Michigan battery plant, currently mainly Stlantis, also benefited from the increase in sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles for this customer , and their first production line began to fill up. load operation.

Foreign media mentioned in the report that due to the use of part of the infrastructure of the existing factory, Samsung SDI is preparing to build a second battery assembly line at the Michigan factory . There are about half .

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