Samsung will launch a mobile phone without physical buttons

According to exclusive information obtained by Twitter whistleblower @OreXda, Samsung is planning to remove the physical buttons of the mobile phone, including the power button and volume button, and will provide these functions in the form of software. However, it is reported that the design will not appear in the future Galaxy S23 or Galaxy Z Fold / Flip 5, but is planned to be used in the Galaxy S25 series or the customized version of KT.

M any manufacturers have tried to remove the physical buttons of mobile phones before. For example, Huawei Mate 30 Pro tried to remove the volume button, controlled the volume by touch and slide, and retained the physical power button.

The Meizu Zero mobile phone in 2019 went a step further, directly adopting a non-porous design and using pressure detection technology to realize virtual power and volume buttons on both sides of the fuselage. However, the crowdfunding failed and there was no mass production.

Since the birth of mobile phones, physical buttons are becoming less and less. In the end, most manufacturers only retain the power button and volume button, which have become the current mainstream form. Do you think mobile phones without physical buttons are the future trend?

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