Suspected Lenovo Savior OEM version RTX 4090 graphics card exposure

The NGA website exposed a picture of a suspected Lenovo Savior OEM version of the RTX 4090 graphics card. As shown in the figure below, this whole machine is equipped with savior accessories, and the name of the graphics card is blocked. Judging from the heat dissipation specifications of 3 fans and 4 slots thick and the new 16pin power supply interface, it may be an RTX 4090 model.

Lenovo said that this graphics card is only a thermal test sample, not a physical card .

Nvidia has now announced that it will hold a special live broadcast of GeForce Beyond on September 20, which is expected to introduce information about the new generation of GPUs and the RTX 4090. Lenovo Savior's RTX 4090 machine is expected to be available shortly after the graphics card goes on sale.

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