TCL Twin Cabin Washing Machine Q10 New Product Launch Conference Officially Announced

It will hold a new product launch conference for TCL Gemini washing machine Q10 at 19:30 on September 20. The official warm-up poster also confirmed that this new product will be equipped with Shuang Nidec direct drive inverter motor. The so-called "twin cabin", that is, a zoned washing machine, refers to a fully automatic washing technology that adopts a design of two cylinders in one machine, and the two cylinders are independent of each other. Compared with traditional single-drum washing machines, zoned washing machines can meet consumers' demands for separate washing of inner and outer clothes, different materials, different colors, and even separate clothes for adults and children. Therefore, for consumers who have a strong demand for high-quality life, the current partition washing machine is the most suitable choice. However, the price of partition washing machines on the market is relatively high at present. Taking Jingdong as an example, the price of searching for duplex partition washing machines is basically above 10K.

The specific information about TCL's twin-cabin washing machine Q10 product is not yet clear, but it is certain that it is equipped with a double Nidec DD direct drive inverter motor.

Founded in 1973, Nidec is a global leading integrated motor manufacturer, favored by German high-end home appliance brands such as AEG. According to public information, the DD direct drive variable frequency motor is directly driven by magnetic levitation. Compared with the traditional belt motor, the DD direct drive variable frequency motor directly acts on the inner drum, and the motor directly drives the washing device, so that the motor efficiency reaches 2 to 3 of the ordinary washing machine. times.

In addition, because there are no belts and pulleys and other components, the DD direct-drive variable frequency motor can further reduce friction and vibration, relatively speaking, lower noise and vibration, as well as a series of advantages such as high energy efficiency and long life. More importantly, this is the DD direct drive variable frequency motor of the Nidec brand, which can be said to be stronger. This also confirms the "night wash without disturbing sleep" advertised in the poster. The blessing of Shuang Nidec DD direct drive inverter motor further confirms that the TCL Gemini Q10 washing machine is indeed a very useful partition washing machine product.

At present, high-end series washing machines all use DD direct-drive motors, and the prices of corresponding products are basically over 10,000.

In the poster, TCL officially described this product as "breaking through the ceiling of the industry". From this point of view, this new TCL twin-cabin washing machine Q10 is indeed prepared. In addition to the use of DD direct drive motors, there should be many more Prepare. At 19:30 on September 20th, the TCL twin cabin washing machine Q10 new product launch conference was held. What is the configuration and price of this product? Let the official reveal it in person! IT House will also be broadcast live simultaneously, interested friends may wish to pay attention.

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