TCL twin cabin washing machine Q10 confirmed to support ion soft drying

TCL officially announced the news that it will hold the TCL Gemini Q10 new product launch conference at 19:30 on September 20. At this conference, the TCL Gemini Q10 washing machine is equipped with Nidec dual direct drive inverter motors. The new product will be officially released.

Now, TCL officials once again shared the core selling point of this TCL twin-cabin washing machine Q10 - support for ionic soft drying technology. According to the official description, the ion concentration of TCL's twin-cabin washing machine Q10 is as high as 16 million/cm³, which can remove odor and fluffy "one click".

When it comes to "ionic soft drying", another keyword - "negative oxygen ions" has to be linked. Encyclopedia data shows that negative oxygen ions are the general term for negatively charged single gas molecules and hydrogen ion groups. They have strong redox effects and can settle suspended particles in the air. They have a regulating effect on air purification, urban microclimate, etc. Its concentration level is also one of the indicators of urban air quality evaluation. It is precise because of the above characteristics that negative oxygen ions are often used in air purifiers and some high-end washing machines.

TCL's "Ion Soft Drying" technology works on the principle of releasing hundreds of millions of negative ions through the built-in ion generator to form an ion wind, so as to achieve continuous drying and fluffy treatment of clothes. When the negative oxygen ions are absorbed, the clothes will become fluffy and stylish, the fibers will be softer, and there will be no static electricity.

In contrast, the all-in-one washing and drying machines on the market basically dry clothes by heating air, but the disadvantage of this technology is that the overheated air may cause damage to the fibers of the clothes. Therefore, from the technical principle alone, the ionic soft drying technology of TCL Gemini washing machine Q10 is obviously better at the experience level.

In addition to drying clothes, in functions such as "air washing", a large number of negative oxygen ions can also be released. For some clothes that cannot be washed, such as furs, silk skirts, etc., waterless care is performed to remove odors and sterilize bacteria. Multiple care functions such as purifying mites, adsorbing dust particles, and fluffy clothes. Judging from this, the TCL Twin Cabin Washing Machine Q10 will be a very easy-to-use high-end washing machine product.

At present, the price of washing machines with similar technology of "ion soft drying" is not cheap. Even some single-cylinder washing machines using this technology are priced above 7k. Considering that the upper and lower drums of the TCL twin-cabin washing machine Q10 are equipped with quieter, less vibration and energy-efficient "Nidec direct drive inverter motor", according to these configurations, the price of TCL Gemini Q10 washing machine may exceed 10,000 yuan. Of course, this is only based on the TCL Gemini Q10 washing machine. A simple guess at the core configuration, what will the pricing be? Will TCL surprise us again? Let's wait for the announcement of the press conference on September 20!

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