Team Group’s DDR5-7200 UHF memory stick is on the shelves

Team Group DDR5-7200 UHF memory sticks are now available on the North American e-commerce platform Newegg, priced at $350 (about 2,492 yuan) for 16GB*2. The current DDR5 memory stick starts at DDR5-4800, the high-end model can reach DDR5-6000 and above, and the DDR5-7000 and above model should be the first. According to foreign media, this may be the first Hynix A-die memory, as the current M-die can reach a transfer speed of up to 7000 MT/s.

The AMD Ryzen 7000 processor will be available on September 27, and the Intel 13th-generation Core is expected to be available in October. After the launch of the new generation platform, it is expected that there will be more DDR5-7000 and above types of memory.

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