The annual output value of Times FAW exceeds the 10 billion mark

The release ceremony of Times FAW Power Battery Co., Ltd.'s "second anniversary of production and annual output value exceeding 10 billion" was held in Xiapu County, Ningde City. The Times FAW project is located in Xiapu County, Ningde City. It is a power battery joint venture jointly created by Ningde Times, China FAW, Dongfeng Zhixin Technology, and Changan New Energy based on their respective advantages. The total investment in the project is 8 billion yuan.

In September 2020, the first production line of Times FAW was put into production. After two years of development, the first production line has been put into production, and some of the second production lines have also been put into use.

With the successive production lines of the first and second phases, the production capacity of Times FAW has achieved rapid growth, and it has supplied more than 10 new energy models of FAW, Dongfeng, and Changan. In 2022, Times FAW's annual output value will exceed the 10 billion mark, becoming the first important project in Xiapu County to achieve this breakthrough.

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