The first batch of power battery products in the first phase of the Wuhan project of China Innovation Aviation has been launched

According to the official WeChat account of China Innovation Aviation, the first batch of power battery products for the first phase of the China Innovation Aviation Wuhan project has been successfully rolled off the production line recently. This is also the release of the production capacity of another new base after the first batch of products of Xiamen Phase II, Jiangsu Phase III, and Chengdu Phase I of Mid-Chuangxin Airlines were successfully rolled off in 2022.

China Innovation Airlines said that the power battery products that have been rolled off the assembly line this time are a new generation of high-end iron-lithium standard products developed by the company based on the 800V high-voltage platform. They support ultra-fast charging and are mainly used in the passenger car market. And it has been launched on the latest pure electric all-intelligent SUV model - Xiaopeng G9.

China Innovation Aviation has completed the comprehensive layout of industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, Southwest China, Central China, and the Greater Bay Area. New bases and new production lines have been completed and put into operation in the near future.

At present, a number of production lines in the first phase of the Wuhan project of China Innovation Aviation are being put into operation as planned, and the second and third phases of the project are also advancing rapidly. In addition, the new products of China Innovation Aviation Hefei Phase I will be offline in the near future.

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