The new VR product PICO 4 will be released in China on September 27

The VR brand PICO announced through its official account that it will hold a global new product launch conference on September 22 and a domestic new product launch conference on September 27. This is the first product launched by PICO after joining ByteDance, so it has also attracted attention from all walks of life. According to previous news, the new product will be PICO 4, and a pre-sale has been launched on major e-commerce platforms such as Tmall,, and Douyin.

It can be seen from the official announcement poster that the appearance of the new product will have a more sense of design, and the streamlined shape will also make it full of technology. In fact, since the beginning of August this year, news about PICO's new products has been frequently exposed, including product design line drafts, handling spy photos, parameter configuration, etc. Although the relevant information has not been officially confirmed, it does make the outside world look forward to this product.

According to previous media reports, PICO 4 will be equipped with the industry-leading Pancake optical solution. Compared with the traditional Fresnel lens, it can greatly reduce the size of the headset and significantly improve the wearing comfort of users. At the same time, PICO 4 has also significantly improved in terms of clarity, and the field of view angle that determines the width of the field of view has reached 105°, which can bring users a more immersive VR experience.

In addition, according to previous media reports, PICO 4 will focus on VR sports and fitness scenes, and may launch related accessories such as "sports ring" with the new product.

The global launch of PICO's new products and the finalization of the domestic launch show clearly shows the brand's global market strategy. As for the new products launched at the two conferences, and whether there are differences in content applications and prices, we can only wait for the conference to reveal the answer.

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