Thor launches T-Paper 10.3-inch ink screen tablet

Raytheon crowdfunded the T-Paper 10.3-inch ink screen tablet on, with a crowdfunding price of 2999 yuan and a Wacom electromagnetic pen of 299 yuan. According to the official introduction, this T-Paper ink screen tablet produced by Raytheon is more suitable for office workers. In addition to the function of e-books, it also has handwriting functions such as meeting records and handwritten notes.

The T-Paper ink screen tablet has a size of 10.3 inches, has multiple refresh modes, supports 28ms low latency and 4096-level pressure sensitivity , and supports efficient speech-to-text and handwriting-to-text. The 6000mAh large-capacity battery lasts longer, with comprehensive use of more than 12 days, and a standby time of up to several months, without frequent charging. In addition, the Thor T-Paper ink screen tablet is connected to the resources of Jingdong Reading Bookstore, and WeChat reading is preset.

The screen PPI of the Thor T-Paper ink screen tablet is 227, equipped with 4GB of memory and 64GB of flash memory, and built-in external speakers.

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