Tianma launches a new generation of CFOT technology

 According to the Tianma Microelectronics official account, Tianma launched a new generation of CFOT technology for OLED screens, which can meet the needs of long battery life, screen bending, and true screen color.

The full name of Tianma CFOT technology is Color Filter On Touch. In short, the R&D team developed CFOT technology to replace the polarizer in the OLED screen structure.

In the OLED screen structure, the polarizer is an opaque plastic sheet that prevents external light from interfering with the screen display. Without the anti-reflection effect of polarizers, an OLED screen would reflect light like a mirror. On the other hand, when the OLED screen emits light through the polarizer, the brightness of the light will drop by more than 50%, resulting in high power consumption. Using the CFOT technology developed by Tianma to replace the polarizer, the official said that the light transmittance can be increased by more than 30%, and the power consumption of the panel can be reduced by more than 25% (measured value).

According to Tianma officials, with Tianma's breakthroughs in HTD, MLP and other innovative technologies, with the integration of HTD+MLP+CFOT three technologies, the power consumption of the end panel of the whole machine based on related application scenarios can be greatly reduced by more than 30%. Consumers can not only enjoy the smooth experience of the 1Hz-120Hz intelligent dynamic refresh rate screen but also alleviate the worry of insufficient mobile phone power.

In addition, another innovative advantage of Tianma CFOT technology is to significantly improve the folding and curling performance of flexible screens. When the ordinary flexible folding screen on the market is repeatedly bent, the problem of peeling off the adhesive material under the polarizer often occurs. The use of CFOT technology to replace polarizers can not only solve the above-mentioned problem of peeling and failure of plastic materials, but also reduce one layer of plastic sheet and one layer of plastic materials, thin the screen stack size, achieve the ultimate bending radius, and pass more than 200,000 times.

At the SID2022 exhibition, Tianma demonstrated an ultra-thin laminated screen equipped with CFOT technology, which achieved ultra-thin curling through the design and adjustment of materials and adhesives, and the number of curls was more than 100,000 times.

In addition, Tianma's CFOT technology has further improved the color gamut of the screen while studying to improve the light transmittance, allowing you to experience super retina-level natural colors. According to the official, the NTSC color gamut has increased by 15% compared with the screen using the polarizer solution, which is at the leading level in the industry. The color display of the screen is more realistic and natural, and the color purity and color expression are better than the traditional OLED screen.

Tianma's new generation of CFOT technology can be widely used in folding mobile phones, vehicles, notebooks, and future curly flexible display products.

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