TrendForce: DRAM price decline is expected to expand to 13%-18% in the fourth quarter

TrendForce released a report saying that under the influence of high inflation, the demand for consumer products was weak, and the peak season was not prosperous. In the third quarter, memory bit consumption and shipments continued to show quarterly declines, various terminal buyers delayed purchases due to a significant decline in memory demand, resulting in a further increase in supplier inventory pressure.

The report pointed out that at the same time, the strategy of various DRAM suppliers to increase market share remains unchanged. There are already cases of "merger price negotiation in the third and fourth quarters" or "negotiation of the volume first and then price negotiation" in the market. The reason for the expansion of the DRAM price decline to 13%-18% in the fourth quarter.

  • PC DRAM: The penetration rate of DDR5 in the PC DRAM field will increase to 13%-15% in the fourth quarter, resulting in a slight increase in the average unit price of the overall PC DRAM (combining DDR5 and DDR4). 10%-15%.
  • Server DRAM: Server DRAM is expected to decline by about 13%-18% in the fourth quarter.
  • Mobile DRAM: Mobile DRAM prices are expected to drop by about 13%-18% in the fourth quarter, and may continue to expand.
  • Graphics DRAM: GDDR6 8Gb is expected to drop more than GDDR6 16Gb in the fourth quarter, with a price drop of about 10%-15%.
  • Consumer DRAM: DDR3 and DDR4 are expected to decline by 10%-15% in the fourth quarter, and the overall consumer price decline in the fourth quarter is expected to be 10%-15%.

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