Voting on Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory expansion delayed indefinitely

Local authorities in Germany have postponed the vote indefinitely for Tesla’s plan to expand its factory near Berlin. The mayor of the German city of Gruenheide, Arne Christiani, told the media that the Gruenheide city council would not discuss the plan at this month's meeting. Tesla's German factory is located in Glenhead.

In May of this year, Tesla applied to the city of Glenheide to expand the area of ​​its German Gigafactory by one-third, that is, to build another 100 hectares of factory area east of the factory. Christiani said at the time that the city council would soon consider Tesla's application. Christiani believed at the time that, like Tesla's Phase 1 project, formal approval of the expansion could take a year or so.

But now, the vote has been put on hold indefinitely. Christiani is also unsure whether voting will be back on the agenda this year. Tesla's German factory has struggled from the start. Back in November 2019, Tesla announced plans to build a new factory in Glenhead to cater to the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles in Europe. However, due to environmental problems, the project was delayed again and again until it was approved for production this year.

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