Weilai mobile phone is pursuing a high-end route and will be released next year

Weilai officially established Weilai Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. on August 4. The Future Auto Daily said that Yi Wei, senior vice president of Duoyuan Meitu Mobile, had joined the Weilai mobile phone team and served as the CEO of Weilai Mobile. Head of the software department.

In addition, a source said that "Weilai's mobile phone team has more than 300 people, and the background of employees includes OPPO, Meitu, and Huawei." The recruitment website shows that Weilai is recruiting a large number of personnel related to the mobile phone business, including Android engineers and smartwatch product managers.

Li Bin, the founder of Weilai, also revealed that the development of Weilai's mobile phone is advancing, and a mobile phone is developed every year, just like Apple.

The Weibo blogger @電星雲boss broke the news that the NIO mobile phone could have been released before the end of this year, but because Li Bin pursued a high-end route, it was postponed to next year. At present, it can only be confirmed that it will be released next year, and it will definitely be available before the end of the year, but he did not disclose the specific date.

From the previous revelations, Li Bin said that NIO's first mobile phone will be designed with a straight screen and equipped with a flagship chip, but it is two months later than the chip's first launch time, and the phone will be the best mobile phone for NIO cars. It has the same color scheme as NIO.

At the same time, Li Bin said that the price of the phone is cheaper than that of Apple, and it is expected to be available in another year (the original saying is that you can use Android this year without changing the phone first). The purchase method will be more distinctive.

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