Zhejiang Meishan Customs seized 4,170 infringing OPPO mobile phone cases for export

According to the official Weibo account released by @Customs, recently, when Meishan Customs inspected the mobile phone cases declared for export by a company through market procurement, it was found that the actual goods were printed with the "OPPO" brand on the outer packaging. logo. After unpacking and inspection, the customs inspector found that the outer packaging and the surface of the mobile phone case were printed with the "OPPO" trademark. After contacting the right holder, it was confirmed that the above-mentioned goods were infringing goods. After counting, the number of infringing mobile phone cases in this batch of infringing mobile phone cases totaled 14 boxes of 4170.

According to the customs release, in May this year, Man Kam To customs seized a batch of infringing Apple mobile phone accessories in the freight export channel, including mobile phone protective shells, earphones, plugs, data cables, conversion cables, etc., a total of 1,559 pieces.

In April this year, Gui'an Customs inspected a shipment of exported goods and found that the unbranded mobile phone case in this shipment was marked with the "Apple" graphic logo. After contacting the right holder, it was confirmed that this batch of goods infringed the exclusive right of the "Apple Logo (graphic)" trademark. After the inventory, the batch of infringing goods totaled 1,020, with a value of 45,900 yuan.

In April this year, Wuchang Customs seized 1,000 mobile phone cases suspected of infringing the "SAMSUNG" trademark of Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd.

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