Zhongke Yushu announced that it has completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series B financing

Zhongke Yushu announced the completion of a series B financing of hundreds of millions of yuan, led by Financial Street Capital, followed by CCB Capital, a subsidiary of China Construction Bank, and old shareholders Lingjun Investment, Halo Capital, and Quanzong Capital. Three consecutive rounds of chasing.

According to reports, in the past year, Zhongke Yushu has completed three rounds of large-scale financing. This round of financing will further accelerate the R&D iteration and industrial layout of Yushu DPU chips, accelerate the construction of an ecosystem of DPU chips, transform the next-generation computing power architecture of data centers, provide domestic core computing power infrastructure, and continue to maintain the leading position in the DPU track.

The current research and development iteration of the third-generation DPU chip of Zhongke Yushu is coming to an end. The second-generation DPU chip K2 was put into production early this year, and it is expected to return to the film in the near future. This is also the first chip with the most complete function definition in China. DPU chip. Different from the FPGA accelerator card solutions of most DPU manufacturers, the K2 chip has the huge advantages of lower cost, better performance, lower power consumption, and strong autonomy and controllability.

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