Acer boxed version of Predator BiFrost A770 graphics card exposure

Not long ago, Acer released a custom Ruixuan A770 graphics card of the Predator brand, named Predator BiFrost. Now, foreign media have exposed the boxed version of this graphics card, which suggests that Acer will not only use this graphics card on its own consoles but may also ship it to the DIY market.

The Acer Predator A770 is a fully custom-designed graphics card with two fans and two 8-pin power connectors. And, this is a 16GB high-end version with a GPU clocked at 2100 MHz and a TBP of 225W.

The Intel A750 and A770 graphics cards will be available on October 12. The Ruixuan A750 is priced at $289 (about 2,057.68 yuan), and the Ruixuan A770 8GB is priced at $329 (about 2,342.48 yuan). The A770 Limited Edition 16GB is priced at $349 (about 2484.88 yuan).

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