Apple launched the Magic Keyboard double-sided clip for iPad 10

Apple's tenth-generation iPad was officially released yesterday evening. At the same time, Apple also launched a new Magic Keyboard double-sided clip designed for the new iPad, priced at 1999 yuan. Apple says the new Magic Keyboard double-sided clip is designed specifically for the new iPad, with full-size keys and 1mm key travel, responsive, and a great typing experience. For the first time, a dedicated keyboard with an expansive trackpad that supports tap-anywhere and multi-touch gestures is brought to the iPad.

The new Magic Keyboard double-sided clip adds a whole row of 14 function keys, making it easy to call shortcut keys for daily tasks such as adjusting volume or display brightness. The adjustable and versatile split design includes a detachable keyboard and a cover that magnetically attaches to your iPad.

The keyboard magnetically attaches to the smart contacts on the side of the iPad to obtain power and data, and can be used without charging or pairing. Users can fold the keyboard behind the iPad, or remove it entirely. The bracket angle of the back cover can be adjusted to provide more flexibility in different usage scenarios such as playing games and watching videos.

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