Bugatti unveils Carbone smartwatch

Bugatti, one of the world's most well-known supercar companies, has also recently started cross-border cooperation. The company has cooperated with Weta to launch the world's first smartwatch made entirely of carbon fiber cases. , produced in China, priced at $2,500 (about 18,075 yuan), and limited to 2,500 pieces, which is five times the total number of Chirons ever made.

CNC-milled from a solid piece of carbon fiber, the watch is light enough to be durable and weighs only 94 grams, a 13 percent reduction compared to its predecessor, and the company’s other smartwatch made of zirconium (Bugatti Ceramic Edition One) is basically the same weight.

In addition, the battery capacity of the Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition smartwatch has been increased by 22% to 540 mAh, thanks to the use of a one-piece carbon fiber case.

The battery life of this watch can reach about 15 days without GPS being turned on, and even if the GPS function is always turned on, its battery life can be 2-3 days.

This smartwatch has a large number of built-in applications that can monitor the wearer's health and physical data in real-time during sleep, rest, activity, and exercise.

As a smartwatch made by a supercar manufacturer, it also brings some special functions, such as sports, it can also automatically measure the track performance of the car - including lap time, speed and acceleration Wait, it's all thanks to the ultra-precise GPS sensor, which was developed specifically for high-accuracy readings at the races.

In addition, the photoelectric dual sensors it is equipped with can effectively measure the user’s heart rate and heart rate variation, pulse oxygen saturation, and other quantifiable data, and can provide the wearer with health report data, and provide information on aerobic recovery, training suggestions, Feedback on biological age and stress levels.

Other aspects: It is equipped with about 1000 components, can record 72 different types of activities, and also supports 100 meters of water resistance, which is convenient for users to wear when swimming or even diving.

The Bugatti Carbone limited edition smartwatch is equipped with a 390 × 390 pixel AMOLED display, uses a sapphire glass touch screen, supports 16.7 million colors, comes with a gray silicone/nylon strap or a black silicone strap, and offers 29 kinds of Watch faces and colors are available for iOS 13.0 / Android 7.0 and above.

"At Bugatti, the use of innovative technologies and materials is as important as appearance, usability, and reliability," said Wiebke Sthl, Managing Director of Bugatti International. "The Carbone Limited Edition smartwatch combines it all, not only in carbon fiber but also in terms of beauty, rarity, and technology."

The watch will be produced in up to 2,500 pieces, each with the industry's longest 5-year warranty, priced at 2,590 euros (about 18,311 yuan) in Europe, and the first 500 pieces will be delivered in December this year (if the Chinese factory is on time production).

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