Colorful iGame RTX 4090 graphics card on sale in China

The two newly released family series graphics cards of iGame RTX 4090 Vulcan / Neptune were officially licensed on, Tmall, Douyin, Kuaishou, and other e-commerce platforms and nationwide at 21:00 on October 12. Available in retail distribution channels, the iGame RTX 4090 with DLSS 3 has 2-4 times better performance than the 3090 Ti in light-chasing games and can maintain 100 FPS in 4K resolution games, and its dedicated hardware can accelerate 3D, video, and AI, making it the perfect graphics card for high-resolution gaming, content creation.

iGame Vulcan

The new generation of Vulcan is the top of the iGame graphics card family, and the sharp design is still the visual design language of Vulcan. The collision of pitch black and metal creates post-cyber-style hardware with a near-future sci-fi feel. The alloy exoskeleton called "Cyber ​​Blade" gives the graphics card a more aggressive appearance. Scratch-resistant and more wear-resistant, the hidden RGB light group is the finishing touch to inject colorful neon effects into the fierce flagship hardware.

The graphics card backplane is a series of classic triangular design elements. Because the PCB of the RTX 40 series is shortened, the RGB lamp group design of the previous generation "Lingshi" is replaced, and the hollow structure is adopted, which is more conducive to the wind blowing through the graphics card and heat dissipation. The alloy die-casting middle frame added for the first time will enhance the strength of the graphics card, and the GPU metal bracket used in this generation can also provide an average pressure for the core.

iGame Vulcan has a sharp and low-key design. The LCD display of the new Vulcan has been upgraded and evolved to become a smart screen "Dimensional" 4.0. It adopts a detachable magnetic design and is installed and connected through metal magnetic contacts. an insertion method.

The product package will come with an "iGame Smart Screen Base", which can be connected to a computer via USB, and can be customized through iGame Center software, GPU / CPU operation monitoring, and screen content can be customized, including a screen that displays two types of monitoring. model.

When the player places the smart screen with the base on the desktop, the magnetic metal contacts will be exposed on the side of the graphics card. In order to fill this part of the visual gap, iGame designers have designed lighting components, which will be included in the package. Players can use the lighting components to attach to the metal contacts of the graphics card, and the gorgeous RGB lighting effects will light up, showing unparalleled cyber lighting effects.

"iGame GeForce RTX 4090 Vulcan OC" is priced at 14,999 yuan for the first time in China.

iGame Neptune

iGame GeForce RTX 4090 Neptune OC The high-end hardware inspired by Atlantis civilization is designed for players who have the ultimate pursuit of temperature control. The series' iconic symbol "Ocean Eye" has changed and has a new design language "Double Wave Curve".

The RTX 4090 uses a 360mm radiator, three 120mm cooling fans will be more conducive to heat dissipation, and double ball bearings can extend the service life. And the cold exhaust fan of the new Neptune is controlled by the graphics card, and a fan hub is added to the front of the cold exhaust to support players to replace the fan. The powerful water pump of the graphics card itself can accelerate the circulation of cooling liquid, and the large-sized copper bottom with full coverage of the micro-channel will achieve better thermal conductivity. It is worth mentioning that the new Neptune retains the movable water block design, which supports rotation for easier installation.

"iGame GeForce RTX 4090 Neptune OC" is priced at 14,999 yuan for the first time in China.

Jedi battle axe

Tomahawk GeForce RTX 4090 Deluxe Edition provides players with more choices of top-level chipset graphics cards. As the first product of the Tomahawk series family, it follows the design language of the classic "Deluxe Edition", and the whole body frosted process highlights the high-end flagship. texture. The asymmetric bright red "diamond triangle" design on the waist pulls the look and feel of the flagship graphics card to the upper limit.

As an RTX 4090-level flagship graphics card, three "98mm" cooling fans further increase the air pressure and air intake, 2 6mm+4 8mm heat pipes and large-area fins will assist in heat dissipation, and the reflow soldering process makes the fins and heat pipes Does it fit tightly? It has better thermal conductivity. iGame's black cooling technology "Vacuum Ice Flake" technology is also introduced into the RTX 4090 model tomahawk. The flat closed cavity is filled with condensate, which dissipates heat through the principle of phase change and improves the heat dissipation efficiency.

The "Tomahawk GeForce RTX 4090 Deluxe Edition" is priced at 12,999 yuan for the first time in China.

iGame Tricky Console Building Blocks

The three colorful GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards can become the main application equipment for users, and the advanced and novel graphics card design can also meet the needs of different table settings. When it comes to table setting, Colorful also launched a charming building block that can be played with and seen DIY. The "iGame Tricky Console" co-branded by iGame and Pinqi Building Blocks is designed based on the iGame RTX 40 series Vulcan and the Vision Eye, bringing players a unique installation experience. The starting price of the iGame Troll host is 399 yuan. Interested friends can go to the WeChat applet to search for "COLORFUL official flagship store" to buy the same model.
a number of DLSS 3 game masterpieces have been released, and more masterpieces will be released this month.
  • "SUPER PEOPLE": Released in Early Access on October 12 at 13:00, supports DLSS 3
  • Loopmancer: Updated October 12 with DLSS 3 support
  • "Justice 'Fuyun Court'": New Graphics Showcase Released on October 13, Supports DLSS 3
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: October 17 Beta launch for Xbox Insider Program members with DLSS 3 support
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem: October 18, DLSS 3 support

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