Google Pixel 7 Pro has another problem, poor screen sliding

Google's Pixel 7 series had many problems just a few days after it was launched. After it was previously revealed that the screen consumes more power than other mobile phones, there is now another problem that users complain about with the Pixel 7 Pro screen.

Some Pixel 7 Pro users reported on Reddit that swiping on the Pixel 7 Pro screen didn't feel smooth, and there was a "sticky" feeling. Users also reported that the keyboard often fails when typing. Some users said that if the content on the screen is very long, there will be a situation of poor sliding. Other users said that the left/right swipe gestures in some apps are also not easy to use, and you have to swipe very widely.

Some users say that the erratic screen issue can be fixed by downloading the latest system update, although some users who have upgraded say the annoying problem still seems to persist.At present, Google has not officially responded to this.

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