Henan's 5G base stations exceeded 140,000

 According to the website of the Henan Provincial Communications Administration, as of the end of September, Henan Province had newly opened 45,000 5G base stations, exceeding the "40,000 new 5G base stations" determined by the provincial government work report three months ahead of schedule. "target task.

Data shows that Henan Province has a total of 142,000 5G base stations, ranking fifth in the country, and its network scale ranks first in the country. In the next step, the information and communication industry in Henan Province will continue to improve the supply capacity of information and communication services, and accelerate the construction and application of new information infrastructures such as 5G and industrial Internet.

Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that as of the end of August, the total number of 5G base stations in China reached 2.102 million, accounting for 19.8% of the total number of mobile base stations. Among them, 677,000 new 5G base stations were built from January to August.

In addition, as of the end of August, the total number of mobile phone users of my country's three basic telecommunications companies reached 1.678 billion. Among them, 5G mobile phone users reached 492 million, accounting for 29.4% of mobile phone users.

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