Hikvision 54-inch LED splicing screen released

Hikvision announced the launch of a 54-inch LED splicing screen. The LCD screen body is equipped with an LED display panel. Compared with the seamless splicing of LCD splicing screens, LED splicing screens can achieve a seamless display.

Hikvision's 54-inch LED splicing screen is an integrated version of various components such as the motherboard, receiving card, sending a card, etc. On this basis, the side thickness is only 3.5cm, which is about two fingers wide.

Traditional LEDs have complicated equipment and tedious wiring, while Hikvision’s 54-inch LED splicing screen has been upgraded to lightweight to achieve self-splicing of loops between cabinets, simplifying equipment nodes and wiring, not only can Improve wiring efficiency, enhancing signal transmission stability and reducing the failure rate.

Traditional LEDs require customized brackets. Hikvision's 54-inch LED splicing screen is equipped with standardized back frames and brackets for the cabinet and screen, eliminating the need for customization steps, and greatly improving the delivery speed and installation speed.

Hikvision stated that its 54-inch LED splicing screen has the same price as a conventional LED box. At the same time, on the basis of the lightweight upgrades, integrated design, and standardized accessories, it also saves money, the cost of sending cards, switches, wiring, custom racks, and more.

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