HP uses Apple macOS screenshots in Windows laptop ad

Windows PC maker Hewlett-Packard seems to believe that the "perfect laptop" is one that runs macOS, at least according to an ad the company posted on Reddit.

The ad shows an HP laptop with macOS screenshots, apparently, Photoshop is not working. "For the digital nomad and those who work anywhere other than home, HP has the perfect laptop for you to work anywhere," the ad said.

The macOS screenshot shows the Gmail inbox in Chrome, and the Apple logo can be seen in the menu bar.

It's important to note that Apple's license agreement doesn't allow macOS to run on PCs, but there is a community of Hackintosh users who unofficially install macOS on PCs. In the mid-1990s, Apple did allow its System 7 operating system to be licensed to other computer vendors, but the project was discontinued when Steve Jobs returned to the company.

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