In March next year, the production target of Sony PS VR2 will reach 2 million units

People familiar with the matter said that Sony Group plans to produce 2 million PlayStation VR2 headsets by next March, setting a grand prospect amid the global economic slump.

Mass production of the virtual reality headset began in September and has yet to face supply chain constraints. After its release early next year, production numbers are likely to be adjusted based on the sales momentum of the device.

Commercial products from companies like HTC and Oculus (now part of Meta) have been widely rolled out, and VR glasses are still in development. Sony's roadmap for PS VR2 shows that the device is expected to be more popular than the PS VR generation, which took eight months to reach 1 million sales. According to IDC data, Meta's Quest 2 is currently the most popular VR headset, with 2.8 million units shipped in its first quarter.

Sony has yet to give an official price or a specific release date for the PS VR2. According to sources, Sony is currently planning to start selling the headset in early 2023, which would coincide with an expected easing of supply chain bottlenecks for the PS5 console, which will launch in late 2020. That would give the company enough headsets and consoles for massive marketing. It should be noted that the PS VR2 can only be used when connected to a PS5 game console.

A spokesman for Sony Interactive Entertainment declined to comment.

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