Leadtek's first flagship gaming graphics card in the past two years

Leadtek did not launch the previous-generation RTX 3090 Ti gaming graphics card. The latest WinFast RTX 4090 HURRICANE model is the company's first enthusiast-level gaming card in nearly 2 years.

The new WinFast RTX 4090 HURRICANE is the largest graphics card currently released by Leadtek. It is 35 cm long and thicker, requiring at least 3.5 slots.

This graphics card uses a three-fan design, all 100mm in size, with eight 6mm heat pipes inside to conduct heat. Leadtek's graphics card uses  16,384 CUDA cores and 24 GB of GDDR6X memory, with a default TDP design of 450W, no factory overclocking, and a default 2520 MHz Boost frequency design.

The graphics cards currently sold on Leadtek's domestic e-commerce platforms are mainly professional graphics cards designed by turbo fans. The price and release time of this WinFast RTX 4090 HURRICANE gaming graphics card have not been announced yet.

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