LG registers C3 series of OLED TVs

LG has now registered the new C3 series of OLED TVs on the Korean NRRA website, which are expected to be released at CES early next year. 

n early January this year, LG released the C2 series of OLED TVs at the CES event. In April this year, C2 OLED TVs were launched in China, including 65-inch, 55-inch, 48-inch, and 42-inch models added this year, starting at 9999 yuan.

  • 65 inches: 20,999 yuan
  • 55 inches: 12,999 yuan
  • 48 inches: 10999 yuan
  • 42 inches: $9999
LG's 2022 TVs will be powered by fifth-generation A9 processors. LG's new OLED "Evo" panel will be used on the C2 TV, with a 20% increase in brightness. Both HDMI ports will provide full HDMI 2.1 functionality, using the full 48Gbps bandwidth.

The 42-inch OLED TV (42C2) in the series won a CES Innovation Award and is LG's first 42-inch small-screen OLED TV. In terms of parameters, this series of TVs are 4K 120Hz specifications, 2.5GB memory, and 8GB flash memory.

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