Nikon lens: Nikkor 58mm f/1.0 sold for about 1.3 million yuan

Nikon launched a unique Nikkor 58mm f / 1.0 lens in the 1970s, setting a new record for the highest price in the history of Nikon lens auctions: 187,500 euros (about 1.299 million yuan) RMB). The lens, reportedly the only Nikkor-O Auto 58mm f/1.0 to date, sold at the 2022 Wetzlar camera auction in Germany over the weekend.

According to the auction house, the lens may be a prototype with an original blue back (a typical color for Nikon's experimental lenses).

The lens was initially estimated to be worth between 15,000 euros (about 104,000 yuan) and 20,000 euros (about 139,000 yuan), but two very interested buyers pushed the price up a lot. In the end, the lens eventually sold for a very high price of 187,500 euros (about 1.299 million yuan).

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