The first 8GB video memory version of the RTX 3060 graphics card appears

Renaissance's official website has announced the new RTX 3060 8G graphics card. The Renaissance RTX 3060 8GB is equipped with a 3584 CUDA core, a video memory of 8GB 15Gbps 128bit GDDR6, a video memory bandwidth of 240GB/s, and a graphics card power consumption of 170W.

As a comparison, the original RTX 3060 12GB is equipped with 3584 CUDA cores, the video memory is 12GB 16Gbps 192bit GDDR6, and the power consumption of the graphics card is 170W.

At present, Renaissance has not announced the price and launch time of this RTX 3060 8GB. According to previous news, Nvidia's new RTX 3060 8GB and RTX 3060 Ti GDDR6X versions will be launched at the end of October.

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