Xiaomi will launch a new Mijia Graphene Baseboard Electric Heater

Xiaomi has now launched a Mijia graphene baseboard heater, which will be officially released at this month's press conference.

This Mijia graphene baseboard electric heater uses double graphene heating elements, supports 3-second rapid heating, can bring "visual and somatosensory double warmth", supports atomization and humidification to avoid air drying, and supports the heat flow of the whole house Circulation, intelligent constant temperature step-less frequency conversion, can freely customize 16~28 ℃ room temperature conditions, and support IPX4 waterproof, the bathroom can also be used.

Xiaomi launched a Mijia smart electric heater in 2019, which can be used for both living and bathing. The rated power is 2200W, and it supports IPX4 splash-proof and overheating protection. The first launch was 399 yuan.

Xiaomi launched the Mijia Graphene Baseboard Electric Heater in 2021, which is connected to Mijia intelligent control and can be controlled by the voice of Xiao Ai, currently 699 yuan.

In August this year, Xiaomi also launched an ultra-thin Mijia graphene folding baseboard electric heater. The new product is priced at 859 yuan. It is equipped with a display screen, and has multiple temperature levels, multiple time periods, and multiple modes to choose from. It supports Mijia. The home control is waterproof with IPX4 grade, has an overheating protection switch, and supports dumping power off.

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