Aianxingling architecture mass production release

Aeon mass-produced and released a new generation of high-end electronic and electrical architecture-Protoss architecture, which is also the first time Aeon released a new generation of AEP 3.0 pure electric platform. A major ICV technology release.

According to the official introduction, on the basis of the industry's third-generation electronic and electrical architecture EEA 3.0, which was released last year, the Protoss architecture uses Fengyun-3 infrared remote sensing technology, the second-generation intelligent zoom lidar, and aerospace-grade satellite-based positioning fusion. The technology has been comprehensively upgraded for intelligent driving safety.

The Xingling architecture adopts a multi-integrated intelligent driving perception system. In addition to high-definition cameras, millimeter-wave radar, and ultrasonic radar, it is also the first to integrate 39 perceptions including Fengyun-3 infrared remote sensing technology and three second-generation zoom lidars.

Infrared remote sensing technology has super transmittance and is widely used in aerospace, military, and other fields, and can penetrate the atmosphere for interstellar remote sensing detection. Used in intelligent driving, the thermal radiation imaging of living bodies can be used to make up for the problem of insufficient perception and recognition capabilities of "radar + camera", and it is not affected by bad weather, even in scenes such as alternating strong and weak light, glare, etc. when meeting cars at night. Clear imaging and accurate identification.

At the same time, 3 second-generation intelligent zoom lidars have a 10-30Hz intelligent frequency conversion refresh frame rate, the response speed is three times faster than the first generation, and the 0.2°~0.05° intelligent control resolution can not only achieve millisecond-level strain, can see farther and clearer than the first generation. In the city, it can calmly deal with emergencies such as jamming and ghost probes; in the urban area, it can more accurately determine the neutral position of safe steering and reduce unnecessary waiting in place; in high-speed, it can predict risks from a long distance, and decelerate and change lanes in advance. and many more.

The Protoss architecture also innovatively applies aerospace-grade satellite-based fusion positioning technology, combined with high-precision maps and inertial navigation units, to achieve global centimeter-level vehicle positioning.

According to the official, based on the multi-integrated perception system, the Protoss architecture can achieve all-weather perception coverage of a 200-meter range, 360-degree environment, night obstacles, rain, fog, smog, etc. The probe", the little black cat in the rainy night can be accurately captured and identified.

Software algorithms: ADiGO PILOT data closed-loop platform has been invested in ADiGO, which conducts perception training and simulation verification on tens of millions of scene pictures, combined with the verification of over one million kilometers of real vehicles, and iterates continuously. Aian has also built an ICV full-stack self-research team headed by more than ten leading talents such as Chen Xuewen and Jiang Jianshan. Among them, there are more than 2,000 upstream and downstream software developers, accounting for more than 50% of the R&D team; it has Alibaba, Huawei, Baidu, etc. Nearly 10% have more than 10 years of experience in the Internet industry.

The new generation of high-end pure electric exclusive AEP 3.0 platform and the new generation of high-end electronic and electrical architecture Protoss architecture will be the first to be installed on Hyper series models. Among them, in addition to the previously released Hyper SSR, the Hyper series ace models will also be officially unveiled and released in the near future.

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