Apple quietly adjusts Apple TV + strategy

Since Apple launched Apple TV+, this streaming service has been focusing on original dramas and original movies in its official promotion. However, Apple has recently quietly adjusted its Apple TV+ strategy, and for the first time, a classic replay catalog appeared.

Apple released five classic Sidney Poitier movies on Apple TV+ in September this year, in order to welcome the premiere of Poitier's original series.

Apple launched Jennifer Lawrence previously played movies on Apple TV+ earlier this month to build momentum for the original movie Causeway.

Apple TV+ has quietly expanded the media library of classic playback. For example, when some users search for Spirited, Mythic Quest, and Causeway on Apple TV+, they will see some classic movies and TV series with related themes.

These classic movies include Semi-Pro, Single Men's Club, The King of Repeating Grades (Van Wilder), and others classic movies. According to reports, there are at least 20 licensed movies on Apple TV+. However, these classic playback movies are currently limited to the United States, and other regions are not yet online. But even though Apple TV+ now has a fallback catalog, Apple doesn't seem to want this to be the platform's main strategy.

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