Boston Dynamics sues competitor Ghost Robotics

As the competition in the robot dog market intensified, Boston Dynamics sued its competitor Ghost Robotics, saying that the latter allegedly infringed seven patents related to its Spot quadruped robot.

Ghost Robotics' Spirit 40 and Vision 60 robot dogs borrow key technologies from Spot, including self-righting and stair-climbing systems, Boston Dynamics said.

Boston Dynamics said it asked Ghost Robotics to review Spot-related patents in July 2020, five months after the Spirit 40 launch. Boston Dynamics has since claimed to have sent two cease and desist letters asking Ghost to stop selling its robot dog.

In a statement, Boston Dynamics said it welcomes competition but will crack down on companies that infringe on its intellectual property rights. Boston Dynamics is seeking unspecified damages as part of the lawsuit.

The American company Ghost Robotics was founded in 2015. The founders, Avik De and Gavin Kenneally are both Ph.D. students at the University of Pennsylvania. Ghost Robotics' customers include the United States and related military, homeland, intelligence, and public safety agencies, defense and industrial companies, universities, and research organizations.

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