FiiO launches new multimedia keypad to control music playback

FiiO launched the elegant black color of the multimedia keypad KB1 priced at 139 yuan. KB1 is suitable for a variety of usage scenarios. It can not only be used as a music control, allowing you to easily switch songs and adjust the volume but also as a productivity tool, allowing you to efficiently enter various shortcut operations.

Music control: KB1 can be used not only as a keyboard for computer multimedia, but also as a matching keyboard for various players, such as the portable M17, and the digital broadcast, decoding, amp-amp R7 that will be launched later, and KB1. Helps you control music playback more conveniently.

Specifications: The new color-matching KB1 retains the aluminum-magnesium alloy material and CNC process, and the standard configuration is still the TTC axle seat and Kaihua BOX white axle.

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