Haiyun launched a full-module power supply embossing line set

According to Haiyun’s official news, Haiyun has launched a full-module power embossing line set, which meets UL safety certification and supports flagship high-power platforms. Black and white are available for sale. The price is 499 yuan.

This series of 12V wires use 16AWG high-standard wire diameters, which can pass higher currents, and have low resistance, stronger conductivity, low loss, high efficiency, and stable output.

The 8-pin power supply interface is made of 94V-0 high-grade plastic, equipped with high-current-resistant alloy copper terminals, which have the characteristics of low-temperature rise, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance. PVC embossing process, as detailed as a weaving texture, softer than ordinary modular cables, and better for routing.

Haiyun full-module power embossed cable set comes standard with 2 sets of CPU 8-pin interfaces, 3 sets of PCle 8-pin interfaces, and 6 SATA interfaces, and supports disk array and NAS platforms. 

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