Linux 6.2 will officially support Sony PS4 controllers

According to the hid-PlayStation driver update submitted by Sony to Linux, users will soon receive official support for the Sony PS4 DualShock handle in Linux version 6.2.

At the end of 2020, Sony released the official Linux driver hid-PlayStation" for the PS5 DualSense handle. Since then, many users have been looking forward to the official expansion to support more handles, and now this update has finally arrived. This support has been merged into the for-next branch of HID and will be introduced later with the Linux 6.2 kernel.

The new driver brings a USB, Bluetooth connection, touchpad, battery, vibration, accelerometer, gyroscope, LED brightness, light bar, adapter, etc. support to the Sony PS4 handle, which is relatively complete.

Other Linux developers have launched hid-sony drivers for Sony PS4 controllers before, and this solution can still be used at present, but when the official support is online, you can compare which one is better to make It's my own choice.

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